Recently, there's been a trend to "throw out the bathroom scale." If not literally, than at least in your mind. Though I understand the reasoning behind it, I don't think this is a good idea.

Sure, we don't want to treat the bathroom scale like some kind of altar to the weight loss gods. Our bodies, especially women's, go through natural weight changes throughout the month. So, it's best not to panic if you're doing your best to reduce your weight healthfully but see on some morning the scale tips upward a little.

At the same time, weighing yourself daily is an important accountability tool--not to shame, but to clarify. It's invigorating to see you're making progress. It keeps you motivated to continue making progress.

There are some "best practices," though. A "right" way to weigh yourself, if you will: 

Always weigh using the same scale. You've probably noticed that the scale you use at home and the one say, at your doctor's office, reflect a different weight. Different scales are calibrated differently. Not to mention you're probably wearing more clothes at the doctor's office, and those clunky boots can definitely add to the number.

Weigh at the same time, wearing the same clothes, every day. Or no clothes at all. Maybe you decide to weigh first thing in the morning before you hop in the shower. You  can opt to weigh right before you go to bed, too. Whatever time you choose, make sure you're consistent. And again, make sure you're wearing the same clothes. It all adds up. It's fine if you want to weigh with clothes on, too. The key is--be consistent for an accurate reading.

Make sure your scale is gauged properly. If you don't have a digital scale (which I recommend, and one that weighs to the tenth place so you can see partial pounds, too) make sure you've calibrated it. And if you need to move it, for cleaning for example, make sure you re-calibrate it. Your scale should have come with instructions if you need help or look online.

Keep balanced. You've probably noticed that the weight number changes if you move around on the scale. Take care to plant your feet equidistant for an accurate reading.

I know that weighing ourselves can be unnerving. But. We need that clarification and the truth of that number to keep ourselves on track. Plus, let's not underestimate of seeing that number change after weeks and months of working hard. It's empowering. Good luck.

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