I am very open with my struggle with depression and anxiety. I feel very strongly that more people should be open and talk freely about their personal struggles with no judgement. I won't step on a soap box and preach about the benefits of ending the social stigma of mental illnesses and mental health. Instead I will inform you about ways that you can rise above anxiety, depression, or whatever is holding you back. Now, these are specific things that help me. It might not work for you, but if it helps you establish a path that allows you to find what does work for then that is a success in my eyes.

1. Finding a Focus

I have to write it all down. I have an "everything" book. This is one of those "creative planners" that allows you to build your personal calendar that holds everything you need. I manage my money, my schedule, and seriously everything else on this one thing. Whenever my depression gets the best of me I forget to stay focused on what is going on in the world around me. I use this as a tool to keep me present. Some people have their phones for this kind of thing. I personally need to write it down. Check out some of the creative planners here to get a better idea.

2. Write it all down. 

This goes along with the idea of writing out everything in my brain. I know, journaling doesn't sound the most fun. Some days it can be painful to put pen to paper and just write something. I try to journal as much as I can even if it just a walk through of what I did that day. I feel that if I write down even just the mesh of words and thoughts in my head eventually all the worries and anxiety will just come spewing out and I won't be able to stop writing.

3. Take a minute.

This is going to sound so cliche, but I am currently giving it a chance to see if it will work. I am talking about meditating. I know. I feel almost silly saying that just sitting and breathing will help, but so far it has for me. I downloading an app called Headspace. This actually teaches you how to meditate and acknowledges that it can seem silly, but you have to allow yourself to relax and just breathe. Again, those words "relax and just breathe" makes me feel like such a cliche. Having someone tell you to just relax and breathe is infuriating. However, when you put yourself in your own space and allow yourself to open up to meditation it can help.

Fair warning: These are things that work for me. They might not work for you. If anything it will lead you on a path to find what does.

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