Many of us strive to look and feel good, especially in the new year. Here's how I intend to do it.

I could easily have just labeled this with "Rules to Make You Fit", but I didn't want to limit the good that could come out of these three rules. While I definitely think that these rules will help me get into shape/toned/fit/healthy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, I feel that you will also see positive changes in other aspects of life. I truly believe that taking care of yourself bleeds over into career, family, relationships, etc.

So, here are my three rules for taking care of yourself this new year...

Stop Rewarding/Comforting with Food

Food is my go-to for so many things. If I did something good, I eat. If it's my birthday, I eat. If I feel blue, I eat. If I had a rough day, I eat. And it's not good stuff that I'm eating. Take the holidays for instance, when I convinced myself that it was OK to eat gingersnap cookies for breakfast because it was Christmas. Or how about the days when I'm at the office for 12+ hours... A pint of chocolate ice cream and red wine sure does taste good, but I'm only left feeling guilty. Heck, I've even celebrated a hard workout with a box of fried chicken and fries. I want to break the cycle in 2018.

It's the Small Things

I find joy in the small things in life, so why don't I emphasize the small things in other aspects of my life. More and more, I'm realizing that it's the little daily things that add up to really big differences... both good and bad. I know what I want the big picture to look like, but what I can control right here in this moment is something much smaller. I read a blog the other day that talked about each decision we make is like an arrow pointing us either toward our goal or away from it. Which way is this small arrow pointing?

The Only Competition is You

Comparison is toxic. That became crystal clear to me in 2017. Staring at someone else Instagram account will not make me what I want to be. Only I have that power. And hating on someone else or being jealous of what they have, only breaks me down. The only person you should be competing with is yourself. Be better than yesterday... And set the bar high for tomorrow's you.

BONUS: Hydrate

Hydration is non-negotiable in my book.

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