Many men wait until the perfect moment to drop to one knee in hopes of creating a special memorable moment when they are about to propose and they are expecting to be the center of attention for a short while not anyone else. Well, that wasn't the case in this situation!

Kevin Przytula thought he had it all planned out, the perfect moment and place to propose to his girlfriend Allyssa. The proposal was to take place by a fountain sculpture in Bay City, Michigan, he had a friend on site to video the event so that he could share it with everyone on social media. As he drops to one knee to ask his girlfriend's hand in marriage, her 3 year old son upstages him by dropping his pants and peeing right behind him!

The happy couple had no idea what was playing out behind them until after the special moment happened, but it's the little boy who's taking the internet by storm now!

Alyssa tells WNEM TV that her son has just started potty training and that,

The potty training is still a work in progress it's only been a month, so he thinks is really cool to pee outside!"

We wish this happy couple the best on their upcoming marriage, because all marriages take work, but they're also working on potty training and public peeing now too!

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