Have you gotten a phone call from (714) 705-0709? If you have and you didn't answer it then good for you. If you did answer it then the scenario I am about to describe will sound very familiar to you.

After answering there will be a pause while an automated message begins to play. The voice on the other end will sound not of this country. They will claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service and that there is a major issue with your taxes.

They will give the number (714) 705-0709 and tell you that you need to call this number to clear up an important legal issue with your taxes. If you do not respond you could be subject to legal action and even arrest.

If the contents of this call came in a sack you'd call it manure and spread it around your garden to help it grow. This is a phone scam. The perpetrators making these calls are after your personal information and would be more than happy to steal your identity.

It's a shame that this is what technology is being used for. The n'er do wells who attempt this kind of heinous activity could be putting their minds together to come up with something useful like a flying car, tacos that don't drip on your shirt, or political candidates who don't embarrass us.

If you get a call from this number do not answer but do report the call to Attorney General Jeff Landry's office. He has an entire crew of people who love catching people like this and arresting them. You might also want to add your phone number to the Do Not Call List. Even if you'd placed in the list before you might want to double check and see if it's still on there.


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