The IRS has their systems in place to identify those of us who might be tax cheats. They separate the cheats from run-of-the-mill filers, regardless of income levels.

If there is something in your return that raises a red flag to the IRS, it can increase the likelihood of an audit. No wonder we hate the I.R.S., here are 8 awesome videos to help you hate them even more.

Oh, it's tax free to watch, enjoy!

  • 1

    The Beatles - Taxman

  • 2

    Pink Floyd - Money

  • 3

    Johnny Paycheck - Me And The IRS

  • 4

    Jimmy Buffett - Carnival World

  • 5

    The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

  • 6

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

  • 7

    Robert Cray - 1040 Blues

  • 8

    Chicago - I'd Rather Be Rich