I have a Droid and it seems like they are always trying to come up with a new technology that is going to make things a little easier. First there was speech to text. I stopped using that when it posted something about a Mario Game when I was trying to talk about my dad's birthday cake. So, I started using a different technology called Swype. Basically, you draw a line to the letters you want to use and it predicts what you want to say. So, when my friend, Heather, told me she was going to the hair stylist to get her hair done, this is what happened:

Me: I deerstalker need my gator done.

Her: I'm sorry, wha??

Me: Haired done.

Me: Hair.

Her: Ha!

(long pause)

Me: I don't know why that word is even in my phone's vocabulary.

Her: Yeah...

Me: Wow, spelling vocabulary was a nightmre. It jewelry changing it to Vivaldi and chocolaty.

Her: Oh my...

Yeah... so I didn't even know deerstalker was a real word. I guess I have a regionally "smart" phone, which reminded me of the guy I saw on the side of I-20 taking deer horns off roadkill the other day. Only in Louisiana...

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