$7.25 is Louisiana's current minimum wage. Do you think it should be higher?

Personally, I do believe minimum wage should be raised, personally. Then again, I'm not signing checks for anyone. I do believe $7.25 is just a little low, and I should know, I worked on minimum wage for quite a long time.

If this bill gets passed, it would raise our state's minimum wage by two dollars, jumping to $9.00 an hour starting in July of next year.

The bill is set to make it's way to the Senate floor after passing a 5-1 vote of approval. The bill was also sent to the senate floor last year, where it ultimately died.

Raising the state's minimum wage has been a top-priority for governor John Bel Edwards since getting elected in 2016.

Feel free to post your opinions below, we would love to know how you feel about minimum wage and also the bill's goal of $9.00 an hour.


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