The Legislative Session in Baton Rouge is in full swing...which means we're seeing all kinds of legislation being thrown around. Some are good ideas, some are bad and some are just laughable. But, one I saw today really caught my attention....a bill that would change the face of employment in the state.

House Bill 422 would allow Louisiana cities to set their own individual minimum wage rates and would, in some people's minds, end state overreach.

And, really, I can't think of an argument against that. I firmly believe that the more local the government, the better the government. If nothing else, I can get in touch with my Council person or the Mayor a lot easier than I can the Governor or some nameless, faceless Fed.

As it sits currently, States are afforded the right to set their own minimum wage or take the federal rules and regulations. In Louisiana, there is no paid family leave law (a bill is being working on this legislative session) and we are one of five states with no state minimum wage. We just take what the Feds give us.

I kind of like the idea of letting each local municipality, the one where I have maximum input, to take control of the situation. Because, in my humble opinion, no one knows their community like the people that live in it.

Now, I know, some people would argue that minimum wage is non-sense. That it should be up to each business to decide what they can afford to pay their workers. But, as history will show, if there's a way for an employer to take advantage of an employee many will. That's why there are so many labor laws to begin with. But, taking those powers from the federal level and giving it to the local guys that work with the Chambers of Commerce and businesses...that just seems like the best way to go.

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