New reports are saying that while the pandemic prompted a surge in the adoption of pets, now that COVID-19 restrictions in some parts of the world are being eased those "pandemic pets" that were once rescued are now being given up by their owners.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many people to feel the need to adopt a pet. Maybe it was to keep them company during quarantine, or maybe many felt as though it was the perfect time to bring a new furry friend into the family. Whatever the reasoning may be, the pet industry has thrived since the pandemic began.

People have been desperate for a pet in the past year, according to reports, and many shelters were ecstatic to have their animals adopted by loving homes. Seems pretty awesome, right?

Well, unfortunately, some of the same shelters who were having their animals taken into new homes are seeing some of the same pets returned back to the shelter.

Whether it be financial issues due to job loss or pet-parents no longer having the same amount of time to dedicate to their dog or cat, there has been quite the up-tick in strays being brought to shelters as well as pet owners giving up their animals.

In my opinion, I believe that many new pet owners were lonely during quarantine and saw adopting a pet as a great way to find some companionship during the trying times that were the beginnings of COVID-19. Now, people have the ability to go back to work or go on vacation and these animals may not fit as well into pet owners' lifestyles as they did during quarantine.

While I can't make that assumption for every pet-owner who has had to give their dog up, I do feel bad for these animals who got a chance at living a life they deserved during the pandemic only to be brought back to some of the very same shelters they were rescued from.

All-in-all, I believe that the rate of adoption for pets that needed homes was so high during the pandemic that many rescued animals will be happy in their fur-ever homes. The unfortunate downside of this is that the world of animal rescue does not believe that the trend of "pandemic pets" being given up by owners will end any time soon.

You can see the full report from @Quicktake on Twitter below.

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