Well, it's not exactly what we want to hear ahead of the new year.

The new year is the ultimate clean slate. We each have an entire year lying in front of us that offers endless possibilities. In fact, I even see this news as a challenge for 2019.

Recently, HomeSnacks posted a list of the Richest States in America for 2019.

I know, how do you even determine that? HomeSnacks looked at the 2013-2017 American Community Survey conducted through the United States Census Bureau. This list looks as poverty levels, unemployment rates, and median income and the changes over the years. This places Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas in the bottom half of the list of the richest states in America for the new year.

Texas was dangerously close to be in the top half, coming in at number 25. However, Arkansas and Louisiana struggled here, putting rankings in at number 41 and 47 respectively.. We're not the richest states for next year, but that doesn't mean we're the poorest.

It just means we have a lot of opportunities to fix this next year.

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