If you've ever enjoyed that 'back it up Terry' here's your chance to say 'thank you.'

I can't tell you how many people share the video of Terry Davis, known online as 'back it up Terry', when the 4th of July rolls around. It's been that way for the past two years and right now the Memphis, Tennessee man who couldn't escape the fireworks needs a hand up.

The irony here is that the "punchline" is that his wheelchair fails in the video (giving us one of the best pieces of content in internet history) but in reality, Davis really does need help to get a new wheelchair to the tune of nearly $40,000.

There's a GoFundMe page set up for Terry and you can see it here. There's also another page here. Both will help Terry to get a new chair, and so far he's collectively gotten about $10,000 in donations.

As far as that moment that made him an internet sensation, Terry says that's not what he intended to do.

I lit the fireworks and my chair had went off on its own and I didn’t know it, so when I raised up to move, I couldn’t move

As popular as Terry has been, he hasn't seen a single penny from the clicks, views, or the merchandise that has been sold with his likeness printed across the chest. Terry says his old chair has lasted him for more than 11 years, but now that he needs to get a new set of wheels the support has been overwhelming.

I’m just overjoyed and happy that people are actually out there and 100%

We hope Terry gets his new chair soon—one that he can absolutely put in reverse.

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