Now that crawfish prices are on the decline, it's time for some mudbugs! But we want to know who has the best in town.

Tell us your favorite place to get crawfish in Shreveport/Bossier. We'll pick some of the top submissions, put it to a vote and give away prizes just for voting!

With so many great options in the Shreveport/Bossier area, we know it's a tough choice to pick the best place to eat crawfish. Since our listeners are crawfish connoisseurs, we need your help.

Nominate your favorite place to buy crawfish in the form below. Then, keep an eye out next week when we place the finalists in a poll.

Even cooler: we will be giving away prizes just for voting for your favorite restaurant. Two lucky winners will receive one of two great prizes: a $150 gift certificate to whichever restaurant wins the poll, or their very own crawfish boiling pot!

To recap: nominate below, then get registered as an At-Work VIP now so when we open up the poll you're all set to vote and automatically be registered to win!

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