Men's Health officially released it's list of the top 100 hottest women of all time, and on the top of the list is "the girl next door," Jennifer Aniston. No. 2 is Raquel Welch, known for her buxsomness. And, yes I think they were real.

Also on the list is Marilyn Monroe at No. 3.

4) Britney Spears

5) Madonna

6)Ursula Undress, uh Andress

7)Bettie Page (whoever she is)

8)Pamela Anderson from Baywatch

9) Jane Fonda

10)Angelina Jolie

The magazine picked Jennifer Anniston because "she is funny and funny is sexy." Some of the others are just plain icons, like Raquel Welch, who defined an entire generation of the 70s as the Sex Symbol.


And Marilyn Monroe whose infamous sexuality would forever ingrain her into what sex symbol legends are made of. Her beauty so admirable she would be mistress to a president.

Isn't it interesting that two of the hottest women ever were in relationships with Brad Pitt? I guess that means Brad Pitt is the best looking man in history.

Well, maybe not. He'd have to compete against real men like John Wayne, Robert Redford and Burt Reynolds. Who do you think are the 10 hottest men of all time?

Raquel Welch and Marilyn Monroe were more than likely the first naturally endowed sex symbols.

Comment your top 10 list of sexiest men of all time below.