According to, Blue Bell has introduced another mouth watering flavor to grace our freezers - Raspberry Fudge Brownie.

As described on the Blue Bell Facebook page:

You’ll earn real brownie points with our new flavor! Raspberry Fudge Brownie is a flavorful almond ice cream combined with fudge brownie chunks, flakes of dark chocolate and a raspberry sauce swirl. Available in the half gallon and pint sizes beginning today, but only for a limited time.

Like a their specialty flavors in the past, this one will only be available for a limited time. So get to your grocery store and pick up a carton.

Be sure to pick up some extra, too, and drop them off at the station. You know, because we're your favorite radio station and all. We'll certainly share a cone with you, or a scoop, or just grab the carton and run.

It would probably be better to get the boss to buy us some, you know for quality control and stuff.

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