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You thought you were reflective before around your birthday? Try having your birthday hit during Hurricane Laura and the pandemic! This is the perfect storm. The kind that sparks long sessions of navel gazing. Okay, let's be honest, any birthday after 40 for a woman is a little suspect.

Up until now I thought the folks who had birthdays during the early stages of the pandemic, like during phase one of lockdown, had it the worst! I mean, they couldn't even see people in their family on their special day if they weren't cohabitating, much less friends. However, I'm not so naive to think that folks didn't do what they wanted to anyway, they just couldn't do it in public because everything was shuttered. Yep, you got robbed my spring birthday babies. Heck, for my big 4-6, I went floating the Caddo River with friends and had a low key dinner tonight for the occasion. But it was totally overshadowed by Hurricane Laura. Why does some scandalous wench always gotta steal the limelight? I mean, really, come eat Mexican with me and lift a margarita in my honor, don't worry about making sure your home is secure and that you have alternate sources of power, food and water. And no, I'm not talking about 'natural' gas...

Uggh! Adulting. What a pain. I mean, having to strap down everything you own is a drag. At least this time, my truck is ALREADY at the body shop. Genius, right? Maybe this time I'll get a new roof and siding? Gosh! That's horrible to joke about, but seriously, have you seen some of the houses that look brand new after getting fixed up from the hail storm this last April. They look good!

So while I don't have a go-bag or the recommended amount of water and non-perishable food items, I have succeeded in laying in some extra batteries and lamps, water and snacks. I've even put some bottled water in the freezer to help keep things cool if the power goes out and filled my bathtub with water. I mean, I've even put all the patio furniture up. At this point, the rest is in God's hands.

Just in case, I may have to go look for my ruby slippers...

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