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People just love to pick on Rednecks. They think they're stupid, ignorant, toothless and trashy. Well, I'm here to tell you, there's something to be said for 'Redneck Ingenuity!'

I'll be honest. I don't like to think of myself as being a 'Redneck.' After all, I don't have any vehicles on blocks in my front yard. Plus, I pick up my spent shell casings and don't even save them to make Christmas ornaments. That PROVES I'm not a Redneck, even though I might sound like one on occasion.

That being said, I know some really smart Rednecks. They specialize in thinking 'outside the box' if I'm allowed to use a cliche or two. How do you think the Jacuzzi tub was invented? I happen to know for a fact that was the work of some fellow Rednecks in Arkansas. Who's laughing now? After all, they're the ones that figured out drilling holes in your bathtub and sticking in hoses with running water would make for a nice experience.

I say all of that in advance of sharing this video with you as an example of one Louisiana resident's 'Redneck Ingenuity.' You can't really call yourself a Redneck if you don't have tie downs or ratchet straps in your vehicle and around the homestead. And when you think about it, roofs do tend to lift up and slam back down on the house during severe weather, so, their thinking is solid. I'm not sure if the rigging is strong enough to make any sufficient difference in the outcome, but we won't know until Hurricane Laura makes her appearance. Hopefully these fine folks will share an 'after the storm' update.

Best wishes and prayers to all affected by the impending storm.

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