Earlier this week, I reported that the Caddo Commission and the Caddo sheriff’s district attorney’s offices were hosting their fist of many gun-buyback programs on January 14th.  I love this!  In my humble opinion, this is one of the best ways to get out of the hands of folks that know they shouldn't have them.  This no questions asked, cash for guns event is a fantastic to get guns likely to be used in crimes off of the street.  The incentive is enough to justify a gun bought illegally or of dubious origin.

According to KSLA:

41 guns voluntarily surrendered Jan. 14 were brand names including Hawes, Hi-Point, Sig Sauer, Sterling Arms, Winchester, Lorcin, Cobra, Mossburg, Raven, Marlow and Smith & Wesson.

In exchange, 61 gift cards worth a total of $3,050 were given to participants."

Officials say the guns will be examined and serial numbers will be recorded.  All stolen guns will be returned to their original owners if at all possible.  The rest will be destroyed, hopefully in a gigantic fire of Justice.

Congratulations to everyone involved are in order.  For the officers and organizers that made this happen, and to the citizens who now have gift-cards instead of illegal weapons.


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