The idea of personal cellular or mobile phone voice communication during flights was first brought up in 2013. At that time many observers of life such as myself suggested that allowing cell phone use in the clouds would be a big mistake. 

It looks as if the airlines and the government are all about making mistakes. Because it does look as if being able to talk on your cell phone as long as the aircraft is above 10-thousand feet is closer to becoming a reality. Does this really need to happen?

I understand the convenience of being able to make an in-flight call. I also understand the inconvenience of other people yakking in the seat next to you. Many people, not you, but many other people have no sense of common decency regarding cell phone use on the ground. Do they really think stacking those same people in a compact environment is going to suddenly bring about manners?

If you have flown more than a few times you've  probably already learned how to tune out the safety demonstration. Now, imagine trying to get the attention of several hundred passengers when half of them are on the phone?

This is not an issue of convenience. This is an issue of safety. There will be fights on aircraft if legislation is approved that allows phone conversations to occur during a flight. People will not grab their oxygen masks when they drop, they will grab their phones instead and start calling their loved ones.

If they want to propose some things that would make flying better how about mandatory personal hygiene? Or maybe not allowing passengers to bring on foods prepared with curry? Or making aisle seats for people with small bladders mandatory?  That would make flying better.

I am not against texting or email use on an aircraft. I think that is fine. I believe that actually makes flight time  productive for those who have to travel for business. Other than calling to say we are crashing, I love you, and goodbye there is no need for anyone to use a cell phone in flight.

But since this issue is one that will be resolved by the airline industry and the federal government you can bet common sense will not be considered in the implementation of any regulations. I will see you on the train where I can at least walk to another car to avoid hearing the results of your latest doctor's appointment


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