SWEPCO has been having to answer a lot of questions in Bossier Parish over frequent outages. The situations have become so frequent, SWEPCO has recently hosted an Open House to meet with Bossier residents to discuss the issues in their neighborhoods. But now it sounds like more issues are going to need to be addressed, on the other side of the Red River.

This past weekend, Centenary College in Shreveport had to power down due to issues with SWEPCO. The shutdown came after two days of issues that had been tackled by the staff at Centenary.

This all came to light after Centenary President Christopher L. Holoman released a statement addressing the issues, and sharing frustrations over the situations. The letter read:

"The non-technical explanation of what happened is that due to what was probably a failure of power company (SWEPCO) equipment, the power coming into campus was not adequate to run heavy equipment, including air conditioning systems and servers. In order to prevent that equipment from overheating and possibly catching fire, it was necessary to shut off all power. Subsequent efforts to identify and repair the problems were hampered by the torrential rain and flooding the area experienced yesterday.  It is frustrating that these issues appear to originate from outside campus rather than within our own infrastructure."

The release also stated that, at the time of it's release, there was no time frame for the campus to be "back to normal". It also indicates that Centenary is looking to SWEPCO to not only fix the current issues, but to find a "long-term solution". You can read the whole release here.

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