The cast from the upcoming movie "50 to 1" stopped by the KVKI studios Wednesday morning to discuss the project's Louisiana roots, filming with an actual jockey and what it's like essentially living together during a cross-country tour.

Actors Christian Kane and Hugo Perez were joined by writer Faith Conroy and director/producer Jim Wilson, and all four agreed that "50 to 1" was a passion project. If it wasn't, they pointed out, jumping onto a giant bus and traveling across the US together probably wouldn't have happened!

The inspiration for the movie, which also stars Skeet Ulrich and Todd Lowe, was sparked by Wilson, who is a horse owner. He said that he drawn to the underdog story surrounding Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird. Wilson revealed that all the shots in the movie featuring Mine That Bird were shot at actual race tracks where the real-life Mine That Bird raced.

Kane added that even if you saw the 2009 Kentucky Derby race, it doesn't compare to the aerial coverage shot in the movie.

The group all agreed that working with Calvin Borel, the Louisiana-born jockey who was aboard Mine That Bird at the Kentucky Derby in 2009, was a highlight. Borel, known in Louisiana by the nickname "Boo Boo," stole the show. According to the cast, the jockey had never acted, but had perfect comedic timing and was amazing.

Lastly, we asked Kane about his legion of followers. No, really, they are a legion. Known as Kaniacs, these loving fans follow everything the actor does -- from his work in TV and movies to his music projects.

"50 to 1" opens April 4 at the Louisiana Boardwalk's Regal Cinemas.

Check out our pictures with the cast and crew below!