Every Friday the 13th I look forward to the two things. One: the creepiness that fills the day. Two: Deals on tattoos! Thankfully we have tons of different tattoo shops in the area, and I was able to compile a list of some of the shops that have deals going on this Friday.

They will have discounted tattoos and designs pre-drawn to choose from.
Their apprentice will be doing $20 designs and the rest of their artists will be doing $80-100.

Eastbank will have a flash sale with tattoos cost $13 with a minimal $7 tip. They will also have discounts on smaller flash tattoos when you share a certain post on their Facebook page.

They have 5 different artists tattooing with a variety of design types and sizes and different price ranges. The lowest starting at the $13+$7 tip ($20 total) some in the $31 range and some larger, colored and more detailed pieces offered at a discounted price from what they would usually be.

They have deals and a special flash sale for the day. I have gone here for the past two Friday 13ths.

They have a flash deal going on as well with a varied price range starting at $13 "and tap outs at 666.00 which is as much as you can handle".

They are doing Friday 13th tattoos however their artist are already booked up for the night.

If we missed a shop please let us know and we will update accordingly.

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