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It's almost time for me and my friend Tresa to go get our annual birthday tattoos together. Help me choose which one I get inked on my body for life!

Tresa is getting the phrase, 'Perfectly Imperfect' tattooed on her wrist. I've decided on the tree of life, but I can't settle on the design. What do you think? I've included four that I really like below. It'll be a small inside wrist tattoo...

If you're not familiar with the 'tree of life' and the symbolism behind it, it has 'roots' in Christianity, Judaism, as well as Buddhism, Celtic, Baha'i, and the Islam faiths. It's meaning is based on connection, growth and strength, individuality, immortality and rebirth, peace as well as ancestry, family and fertility.

For Christians, the tree of life is first mentioned in the book of Genesis. It's the tree that grows in the Garden of Eden and is believed to be the source of eternal life. There are many who also feel the tree is also representative of humankind being free of corruption and sin and of love. Others still think the tree has healing properties and that the fruit of the tree will give you immortality.

As a Christian, I think we all believe in immortality. Who wouldn't want to join their Heavenly Father in the afterlife? But life, at least to me, is also about constant growth and striving to be and do better. Is there any better metaphor for strength and service and the circle of life than the tree? With that being said, I need help picking out the perfect artwork. These are all clips I found online and my tattoo artist James Clements from 13 Daggers can customize anything! So please, I'm stuck! Let me know which one you like best! Feel free to comment on my social media post and give me a follow! I'd love to hear from you!

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