Between many hurricanes and a few ice days, schools in Louisiana will shut down for safety reasons. Usually, the reason is just that. After this crazy year with the pandemic, the DeSoto Parish Schools Superintendent wanted to give a very light-hearted and positive way to announce the school closures due to the weather. The announcement by Clay J. Corley, Superintendent, was posted to social media by the DeSoto Parish Schools Facebook page has gone viral because of how sweet it is.

It basically says that he knows how much the children are anticipating the snow and how excited everyone is about the winter weather, along with many other reasons, school will be closed.  Corley says, “ The past year has been a year of tremendous loss and the stress for trying to make up for that loss. For just a moment we will take tomorrow to let go of the worry of what we’ve lost and make sure we don’t lose this moment. So please enjoy a day of family and friends making memories that will last a lifetime. Let it snow. Let is snow. Let is snow!”

As you can imagine, the comments are great. Some of the comments are:

“I’m just trying to see if you can come be superintendent for Pearl Public School Distric! Love this!”

“That’s awesome! No one knows how tough this year has been on our teachers!”

“This Texas teacher LOVES this!!!!”

“What a wonderful statement! You truly show love!”

This man is winning the hearts of many right now. I'm sure the families enjoyed every second of their "Snow Day" making snowballs and snowmen.

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