Hey it's Ally, getting ready for the Saturday Night 80's show tonight from 7-midnight. One of my favorite parts about the show is the feature:

"On This Day in the 1980's"

I totally learned something new and wanted to share it. (Maybe I'm showing my ignorance, but I'll take that risk...)

In 1989, the US screwed up in a series of postage stamps intended to be a tribute to dinosaurs. They labeled the Apatosaurus as a Brontosaurus- which actually isn't even a real dinosaur. The Brontosaurus was actually removed from the records of paleontology in 1974, so FIFTEEN YEARS LATER, the US Postal Service, issues it on the stamp and caused outrage.  I personally find this kind of funny... and sad... because even though I went to some of the best schools in Shreveport, I really had no idea about the Apatosaurus’ identity crisis... I guess I was too busy literally getting on the floor and walking the dinosaur, that I didn't notice Mr. Brontosaurus actually isn't a saurus at all.  Sad face. Boom Boom- shaka laka boom boom!