I love animals... All three of my cats and my Pug!

So imagine my shock when I was reading one of the Consumer Reports blogs and saw a story about kittens being pierced!

After I shook my head, I realized that I have never thought that kittens needed to have body piercings to make them look better!

But a Pennsylvania women seems to disagree.

She gave kittens piercings of the ear, neck, and tail... And then tried to sell them on Ebay for $100!

Luckily, the ASPCA got involved and pressed charges against her.

The woman tried to defend her actions by comparing it to declawing for cats, or debarking for dogs.

The judge disagreed and sentenced the woman to six months of home detention and electronic monitoring, followed by probation.

As a pet lover, I do not understand why she thought her actions were ok. And I'm glad she'll get some nice alone time in her house to think about what she did!