Digital WiFi cameras are becoming more and more accessible, and now people are using them to monitor their pets... including me.

When my husband purchased our Alexa devices this past Fall, one of them came with a freebie WiFi camera. We initially hooked it up in our kitchen to play with it, but soon lost interest and put it away in our office.

Recently, as I was cleaning out our office and came across the camera again, I realized we could use it to monitor our kittens, Stella and Alice.

As my hubby, is quite smitten with our two fur babies, he's become increasingly curious about their behavior when we're away. He likes that he's able to check in on them on his phone from wherever he is... assuming they are in view of the lens.

I have a feeling that we may soon have more than one camera in our house. It will be just like the Alexa devices, he'll be wanting one for each of their favorite nap spots.

Thinking about getting one for your pet. Here's a video that shows some of the more popular options.

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