Ever since I moved to Louisiana there has been a distance between my friends and family and myself. I am talking about an emotional distance, not the just the physical meaning.

I am so happy with the life I have created for myself here in Louisiana and I don't regret it one bit. However, keeping up with friends from has become a challenge.

The Struggles of a Long Distance Friendship:

  • Meeting up has to be planned in advanced.. way advanced.
  • Tagging each other in funny memes or videos on Facebook has become a way of communicating.
  • When the best friend comes to town- every plan you had is not even important any more.
  • When you hear about them hanging out with a possible new best friend and you have to do some Facebook background checks.
  • Each meeting up seems too short
  • Catching up on crazy things happening in each others lives has become more of a priority than Game of Thrones.
  • You worry about them just like a parent would.
  • Every minute spent with them is pure joy, but you know they eventually have to get back to their lives.

Some days are better than others, but you know they will always be there for you even through the distance.


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