It seems like everyone is selling something on Facebook these days and I decided to splurge and take a change on LipSense. So does it really provide smudge proof, long lasting color? I put it to the test!

My husband's cousin reached out to me about a week ago asking me to try a product that she's selling, it's LipSense by SeneGence. Being a bit of a product junkie, I decided to place an order, even though I generally don't wear lipstick. It's not like I have anything against it, it just wears off so quickly that I generally don't bother with it.

When I do wear lipstick, I put it through it's paces. I'm a smoker and I drink a lot. Already this morning, I've had a breakfast sandwich, multiple cups of coffee, a protein drink and a Monster and so far it's holding up!

I applied combination of the colors Bella and Goddess this morning about 4:30am and then sealed the color with their matte gloss. Of course, I didn't read the directions first, so I ended up applying it wrong. You're supposed to swipe it on in one direction, but I swiped it all over back and forth. It doesn't seem to have made a difference. My lips feel kind of dry, but not a cake-dry feeling, more like they're freshly blotted and definitely not as dry as when using Colorstay products. BTW, I made sure to leave the products at home so I wouldn't be tempted to re-apply.

I decided to take pictures through out the morning to show it's performance and so far, it's as advertised! We're four hours in and it's still going strong!

BTW, don't hate! No one looks good at 4:30am!

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