A makeup brand has just released a line of lip gloss called Unicorn Blood! The brand is NYX and according to Bustle, the glosses "have a sheer black base lifted with duo-chromatic sparkles".

The glosses include shades:

  • Clash (purple and black blend with gold)
  • Black Hole (dark purple-black)
  • Cosmic Glaze (metallic, frosted brown)
  • Kinetic (purple, bronze, and gold)
  • Eclipse (bright teal with purple)

You can check out the colors in the Tweet below. BTW the glosses are only $8!

I honestly think they are making a huge mistake not teaming up with the Harry Potter universe. If you remember from the very first Harry Potter movie (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) "He who must not be named" drank unicorn blood to save his life. This ended up cursing him, but still! Imagine Voldemort modeling this unicorn lip gloss. 

Plus, the Harry Potter universe could use this as a way to highlight the Curse Child play making its way to Broadway! According to Broadway website, the show kicks off next month. See! This could be a win-win for everyone. Well, except for Voldemort...

Inside The Harry Potter Experience At Leavesden Studios
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