The Chancellor of  LSU Health Shreveport is speaking out in support of President Donald Trump's re-election bid.

Dr. G.E. Ghali took his message to the Republican National Convention as he spoke during the virtual gathering to praise President Trump's leadership during this health crisis.

Dr. Ghali says a prompt response led by President Trump cleared away the red tape that usually makes drug approvals a long and drawn out process. Dr. Ghali says the President's operation warp speed is accelerating the testing supply, development and distribution of therapeutics, diagnostics and very shortly effective vaccines to counter COVID-19.

Dr. Ghali says praises the President for clearing the way to get remdesivir approved along with convalescent plasma treatments.

"At end of July, I developed fever and cough and got a rapid test which was one of the tools quickly approved under this administration."

Dr. Ghali adds: "As a physician, I have seen how these breakthroughs have saved many lives. President Trump moved mountains to save lives. Thank you Mr. President for your strong leadership during these challenging times."