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I just spent a week in the great outdoors of Colorado and it was the perfect location to find peace, balance, and clarity! In fact, ever since my separation, I've been on a quest to heal myself mind, body, and soul... and I can promise you, it's a lot easier to find clarity when your background is the rough and raw natural beauty of the Colorado mountains.

While we were there on our girls' trip we ate like queens, we had a cranial sacral massage with reiki, we hiked, waded, rode, and generally soaked up the ambiance of Ft. Collins and the surrounding area.

The official purpose of our trip was to visit our friend's son who is a student at Colorado State, which gave us an instant tour guide. From the famous beer garden of New Belgium Brewing, the makers of Fat Tire, to the rutting elk in the middle of the golf course in Estes Park, we had an eye-opening experience that I'll never forget. If you ever get the chance to tour Colorado, I highly recommend it!

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