I expected to see a sea of masks when enjoying Sunday night football. I was surprised to see several NFL coaches not wearing masks, a handful of other coaches were wearing their masks incorrectly.

On Monday Troy Vincent the Vice president of football operations said "accountability measures will be imposed against anyone who violates the mask rule '. In short, the NFL is not going to stand for coaches refusing to wear masks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter "The National Football League on Monday not so subtly reminded all coaches that masks are required during games." Vincent told all coaches that non-compliance was not an option. The VP even put the Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay on blast claiming that everyone saw he refused to wear a mask on national television.

Harry How Getty Images
Harry How Getty Images

Coaches were reminded that they must be compliant and wear a mask during games as they are televised. The coaches are allowed the option of a mask, neck gaiter, or face shield. Thanks to Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid we know that the shields get fogged up pretty bad and one should avoid wearing a face shield during a game.

Did the passive-aggressive memo work? I guess watching football on Sunday and Monday will tell us.


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