There is one thing that will never change for me, and that is only eating crawfish when I am craving it something fierce. It takes a whole lot of work to be able to get to the meat. Too much work with little reward. So you have to be willing to put in the time as a true cajun once told me. This is something that took me a while to understand and now I get it. Eating crawfish isn't just a meal, it's a whole experience.

I once had a friend opt out of going to eat crawfish claiming they had cuts on their hands. They said eating crawfish is hard enough, but with cuts in hands, it made it painful. What could make eating crawfish even more difficult? How about eating mudbugs with very long nails. That's an instant no for me.

A new hilarious challenge had me watching all 22 minutes of a video posted by Fannie on her mukbang YouTube channel. What's a mukbang? A mukbang according to Wikipedia is "an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host consumes various quantities of food while interacting with the audience. It became popular in South Korea in 2010, and since then has become a huge worldwide trend.".

Fannie has some of the longest nails I have ever seen and takes us on the wild ride of trying her best to be able to get some meat from crawfish claws and tails. I lost it when she said, "this video ain't nothing but suckin' heads and eating claws". Guess what? I was hooked, and of course, laughing the entire time.

Miss Fannie isn't the first to try her hand at eating crawfish with long nails, however, it is a challenge I don't plan on joining. I think getting to the meat with crawfish is hard enough, I don't plan to make it even more difficult.


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