Yes, of course I know that our ice cream and dessert concoctions that include cookie dough is obviously edible, i.e. doesn't contain raw egg. But it wasn't until the other day when I was shopping for groceries (yes with a mask,) when I realized, much to my horror and delight, that OMG: You can buy edible cookie dough in the package. 

In addition to this dangerously delicious realization, it comes conveniently measured and cut into bit size pieces, making it ever more simple to go through your day, have a triggering-stress moment, stop by the fridge, and pop your cookie dough prozac square into your mouth and happily go about your day. At least, until the next craving kicks in.

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This will be a sincere test of my will power. The answer is YES I bought some. And YES, it is amazing. Of course, many of us have been brazenly eating the dough with abandon since kid-hood, despite the warnings. This widespread love for cookie dough is, after all, what paved the way to all of the cookie dough-filled desserts we see today.

But there's something about seeing it packaged this way that makes me feel we've come full-circle. Of course, as mentioned on the package, you can eat OR bake the dough. But really, we all know the dough is better. Just to be judicious in the consumption, I did bake a few. But truthfully, after eating the dough itself it just made actually baking the cookies seem like a waste of time.

Is this a new habit I'm planning on incorporating on a regular basis? Absolutely NOT. That's a slippery slope for sure. However, in the midst of the madness in the world, this decadent detour has provided the ultimate comfort food.

OK, time for a salad. Hmm. Would cookie dough be good on a salad? Of course it's cookie dough. ;)

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