OK, when you get my age (let's say middle age for the sake of argument) you need help from your friends to make sure you don't do stupid things.

I didn't get those reminders yesterday. So, I ran some errands when I left work and forgot to eat lunch. One of my friends came over to my pool to layout for a few hours (we were out there in the hot sun for 3 hours).  Did I tell you it was hot? The temp climbed to over 100 degrees. After several hours in the sun, I had to get ready to meet some friends at Superior for Happy Hour. Did I tell you I never had lunch? So, when I got to Superior, I chowed down on my food and sucked down the margarita like it was the last glass of water on the planet.  I am really disappointed that you did not remind me of 3 important rules: 1. Eat lunch 2. Don't stay out in the hot sun too long 3. Drink your margarita slowly.
Next time, will you please remind me of these rules?  Thanks! That is all.