I must say I have some of the best friends in the world. They are as crazy (or crazier) than me and love to have a good time.

And the best part is that any one of them would have my back in a pinch!! Hope you have ladies like these in your life.
We set out in our Shreveport Limousine Friday night and stopped off first at the Horseshoe Casino for a few minutes of gambling. We then headed for the White House in South Bossier. We did meet a very nice young Bossier City Police Officer who stopped to make sure we were ok. No, we did not get arrested and the Limo did not get pulled over, despite what you might have heard. Then we made a stop off at Superior for some more refreshments. Of course we took loads of photos (some I really can't share) and then we headed off to the movie. What a fun night with some of the best ladies in the world!