It could be one of the shortest escapes in history. Tremmell Armstead (39) of New Orleans, and Michael Casson (41) of Natchitoches escaped from the minimum-security federal penitentiary in Pollock just north of Alexandria on Friday.  According to KALB, after less than 24 hours of "freedom"  the pair turned themselves in to Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain.

Officials suspected that the escapees might try to return to their hometowns, but warned citizens across the state to be on the lookout for for these potentially dangerous criminals.  No details about how the escape was planned or conducted, or what these guys did on their night on the town are available at this time.

Tremmell Armstead - Grant Parish Sheriff's Office
Michael Casson - Grant Parish Sheriff's Office

More details on this should be coming soon, but for now rest assured that these two are back behind bars.