Nothing is worse than discovering your favorite character's ill fate all because Karen couldn't keep it off of her page.

Social media is a wonderful place filled with connecting, engaging, and sharing. Unfortunately, some people use these platforms for evil. These people are typically the ones who over-share about their life. And it never fails... you're scrolling through their mundane posts about their kids potty training and the chicken salad they had for lunch when...


You're hit right between the eyes with a spoiler about your favorite show. It's frustrating and you can't unsee it. Your stomach drops and you swear you'll never log onto Facebook again.

That's exactly the behavior Facebook is trying to avoid.

They can't have millions of people signing off for an entire season of Game of Thrones. It's just not good for business. So they are currently testing out a "keyword snooze."

With the keyword snooze, users will be able to select keywords from any kind of content they're engaging with and essentially exclude them from their Facebook experience for 30 days. For example, if I didn't want to see any spoilers from The Bachelorette, I could snooze words like "Becca Kufrin", "Bachelorette", "Final Rose", or maybe even "ABC." Once I do that, Facebook will keep any content containing those words from my feed.

It's pretty genius when you think about it.

And if the 30 days isn't long enough for you to binge, you can extend the snooze for more 30-day increments. The only things the keyword snooze doesn't work on are the advertisements. Facebook is still a business after all.

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