Aside from listening to us, Alexa is also providing you the advice you need for your first date.

Thanks to a partnership with and Amazon, Alexa is officially your first date wingwoman. Personally, I haven't been on a first date in about seven years, but I do remember how uncomfortable, intimidating, and even awkward a first date can be. Both men and women can stress over every little detail when it comes to meeting the potential love of your life over coffee.

Not anymore!

Over the past several years, has been gathering information from singles about that critical first date. According to, more than 35,000 singles have participated in a Singles in America Poll across the country. That information is now at your fingertips... or at your beck and call, I should say.

You can ask Alexa just about any "What if" question about your big date, like:

"What if they don't look like they did on the app?"

"What if I pick the wrong restaurant to meet at?"

"What if they want to kiss me afterward?"

Alexa will answer any of these questions, based on the information gathered from Match's surveys. Feel better about taking that first step and going on a date with someone? Good! You should definitely take that leap. And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, you'll want to "Bae Up" with someone.

And don't forget you can listen to your favorite radio station (ahem, us) through the Alexa app. Just enable it in the skills. A good playlist can definitely boost your confidence before a first date.

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