His name is Obie and at one time, not too long ago, he weighed a whopping 77 pounds! But, now, after going on a special doggy diet, the once rotund dachshund is a slim, trim 28 pounds and can even run a mile!

Special diet...and love

Obie, who's now seven, was adopted by Nora Vanatta, after he'd been taken in by a local vet. Well, Nora, with advice from that vet, put Obie on a special high fiber, low fat diet and the weight started to come off...and off and off.

That's right, amazing little Obie lost 49 pounds! So much weight, in fact, that Obie recently underwent a special procedure to remove two pounds of extra skin.

Nora says the key to Obie's weight loss is the strict diet and constantly playing with her two other dogs. 'When I first got him he could barely walk a few steps without stopping to catch his breath,' she says. 'Now he can bound around all day and even run about a mile!'

Endorsements waiting

But one thing that hasn’t gotten any smaller is Obie’s popularity. His Facebook page, 'Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition' has surpassed 100,000 fans, and Vanatta says that Obie, with the help of Purina dog foods, is planning a tour across America to promote animal health.