Ever wanted to know what it's like to take classes from one of the eight Ivy League Schools? Well, now's your chance, and better yet, they're free.

Over 500 free online courses are being offered, and let's be honest, you've probably got a lot of time to kill right now.

Some of the wildly popular courses are below, but there's bound to be something that you're interested in.

  • 'The Science of Well-Being' - Yale
  • 'Modern and Contemporary Poetry' - University of Pennsylvania
  • 'Justice' - Harvard
  • 'Moralities of Everyday Life' - Yale
  • 'Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science, Pt 1' - Harvard
  • 'Civil Liberties'  - Princeton
  • 'Reinventing the Piano' - Princeton
  • 'Shakespeare's Hamlet: The Ghost' - Harvard
  • 'Introduction to Marketing' - Wharton School at University of Pennslyvania
  • 'Everyday Parenting: The ABC's of Child Rearing'- Yale

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