Although birthday parties and celebrations of any kind look quite a bit different this year, that doesn't mean we can't still send joy-inducing gifts to those we love. In fact, we don't need a holiday at all to find a reason to surprise a friend or partner with a gift. It could be the cheering up they need during the pandemic stress-festival in which we find ourselves.

For our tech-loving, forward-thinking friends, a gift card to [insert restaurant] is nice, as always. But what if you could surprise them with something  cutting-edge, futuristic, and tech-y. Need a few ideas?

Well, speaking of the future,  is here to help. Here are a few recommended ideas for your consideration:

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Miracle Sheets. Um, WHAT? What on earth are miracle sheets? Well, to be as synoptic as possible, "Miracle Sheets are made with pure silver fibers that kill 99.9% of bacteria through a natural process called ionization. That means Miracle Sheets stays fresh three times longer than regular sheets, which means you do three times less laundry and your bed doesn’t stink."

Um, wow. So in addition to helping your friend take steps to lessen their carbon footprint, they also won't have to wash their sheets as often. They also come in various sizes and colors and come with a 30-day trial period.

Qualia Nootropic Energy Drink.  Well, I've personally noticed that tech lovers and energy drinks are often somewhat acquainted with one another. Hey, it takes lots of alertness to keep up with all of these new technological advances. Qualia Nootropic Energy Drink claims to make your brain work more efficiently.

How? Well, it's not just via the extra caffeine and sugar that is usually a key component of these energizing beverages. According to the makers, it is "designed to enhance mental and athletic performance, boost memory and productivity, and promote alertness and focus. The main ingredients in Qualia Nootropic Energy are compounds called nootropics, which the brain uses as fuel for cognition." Learn more here.

You may have also noticed there seems to be a connection between lovers of tech and lovers of sci-fi--which makes sense if you think about it. Thus, check out this Classic Dune Board Game,  which is based on the novel Dune by Frank Herbert--arguably "one of the most popular and influential science fiction novels of all time," and is of course now a movie and has since been re-done. Basically, you get to scheme and wage war to gain as much control of the precious element "melange" as possible.

Wanna a few more ideas? Take a look here.

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