If you saw an ad saying, "Make $28,000 per year to do absolutely nothing", you'd probably think that it was a Nigerian Prince who was offering up the position wouldn't you?  Well, this one's real, but it'll be a while before they hire someone for the position.

According to sfgate.com, the Swedish government is sponsoring some type of "art project" that will pay one person $28,000 each year to do essentially nothing.  And that person can be from anywhere in the world!  And yes, there are a few catches to the job.

First off, you'll have to move to Sweden.  Oh, that would be awful wouldn't it?  Isn't that where the Swedish Bikini team lives?  Oh, the horrors of having to see them regularly.  And you'll be working at a train station, but you don't even have to stay there all day.  Just punch in each morning and punch out in the evening.

Oh, and you'll have to be able to make it on that $28,000 without any other jobs.  According to sfgate.com, the actual rules are pretty simple:

An employee shows up to the train station each morning and punches the time clock. That, in turn, illuminates an extra bank of fluorescent lights over the platform, letting travelers and commuters know that the otherwise functionless employee is on the job. At the end of the day, the worker returns to clock out, and the lights go off. In between, they can do whatever they want, aside from work at another paying job.  They're not even obligated to stay at the station all day long. They can quit or retire and be replaced by another worker anytime they want; otherwise, their employment is guaranteed for life.

And here's another catch.  The job won't even begin until 2026, because the train station won't open until then.  They won't even accept applications until 2025.

The job apparently will be a commentary on the "face of mass automation", the wealth gap and how human beings are doing less and less as artificial intelligence assumes control of our daily lives.

Along with the $28k annual salary, the selected applicant will be guaranteed the job for life or as long as they want.  There's vacation time, an annual 3% pay increase, a retirement plan and can quit whenever they'd like.

It's called the "Eternal Employment" project and if you've always fancied yourself an expert at "doing nothing" this might just be the career you've always dreamed of.

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