Good news from the world of threatened wildlife! The Giant Panda has made the move from, 'endangered' to 'vulnerable' this year due to a 17% increase in their population this decade when a census found 1,864 pandas in the wild in China. And the World Wildlife Fund couldn't be more excited.

Marco Lambertini, the Director General of the WWF (who's mascot happens to be a Giant Panda) had this to say.

“For over fifty years, the giant panda has been the globe’s most beloved conservation icon as well as the symbol of WWF. Knowing that the panda is now a step further from extinction is an exciting moment for everyone committed to conserving the world’s wildlife and their habitats. The recovery of the panda shows that when science, political will and engagement of local communities come together, we can save wildlife and also improve biodiversity,” added Lambertini.

There are still some endangered animals out there that are worth saving, but I'd say that the Giant Panda is a REALLY good start.


Panda Keeps Cool In Summer Heat
VCG via Getty Images

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