If you love pinchcing crawfish tails, you'll love this news!

Normally, it's around this time that local restaurants see a slow down in the availablity of crawfish, but not this year! Generally, the Mudbug Madness festival is our last hurrah, but this year, local restaurants have reported that there are still plenty of mudbugs available and believe that they'll be serving up hot, spicy boiled crawfish through early July.

So why are crawfish so plentiful this year? It seems that you can blame it on the rain. One thing is for sure though, as long as crawfish is available, they'll find folks ready to boil 'em up around here!

In fact, several of my friends had or were at crawfish boils this weekend. Confession though. I don't like eating boiled crawfish. I love the mushrooms, sausage and asparagus though! I like my crawfish in the crawfish quesadilla at Superior or in a good etouffe or jambalaya! I also make a pretty legit pasta dish with crawfish tails and tons of melted butter. Don't hate! I make sure it's from Louisiana and not China!

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