This week, an FDA advisory committee recommended COVID-19 vaccine authorization. It will be here in Louisiana before you know it.

Now, the question remains... When the Pfizer vaccine is readily available, will you take it?

Personally, I will take that vaccine at the earliest possible date. We're at the point now where I'm simply ready to get on the other side of this thing, and if getting there personally means I have to take the vaccine, then sign me up.

While the majority of Americans plan on taking the vaccine, there is still a very large number of citizens who will not take it voluntarily. Earlier this month, Pew Polls reported 40% of Americans do not plan on taking the Pfizer vaccine or any other COVID-19 vaccine.

Speaking about the vaccine and it's imminent arrival here in Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards says he wants all Louisianans to take it, but he will not force anyone to do so.

He also noted that he will not be participating in giving out or handing out any incentives to get Louisianans to take it.

Speaking on Pfizer's potential side effects, he says, "A very small percentage of people will have some soreness at the injection site, well that’s really common. For a day or maybe 36 hours they will be a bit sluggish, and that is pretty common too.”

The Pfizer vaccine or the upcoming Moderna vaccine will most likely not be available to the general public in Louisiana until mid-2021.



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