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I'm not so sure we should call it a 'Pandemic Meltdown.' I'm thinking we should call it a, '2020 High Speed Come Apart!' Think of it as an adult temper tantrum because you just can't take the stress and the worry of the pandemic, the election, life in general, and hurricane season anymore!

I came across an article called, 'The Art of the Pandemic Meltdown,' by Elizabeth Bernstein this morning in the Wall Street Journal. When I read it, I recognized myself as being mid-meltdown. Sadly, I thought I had been keeping things together pretty well. But in my case, I haven't been motivated to do ANYTHING in the last week or so with a general sense of fatigue and 'I don't wanna.' What's sad is that I know for a fact, most of the people around me are in the same place right now and that spells trouble.

I have one girlfriend who took off for Houston this morning... in the path of a hurricane... because that's where she feels comforted right now. I have two more friends waiting for their COVID-19 test results in isolation, another trying to figure out how to split her time between here and California, three more with their fathers in the hospital for serious illnesses, and yet two more dealing with the loss of a companion animal. That's on top of all the other garbage.

You know what? 2020 has been a complete bitch. So, take a moment and throw a temper tantrum, then use it as a re-set to get back on track. Then maybe you can start putting all your friends and family members back together after their '2020 High Speed Come Apart!'

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