Most states have implemented some type of vaccine incentive, but Louisiana's may be my favorite.

Before Louisiana announced their incentive program, the leader in my book when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine incentives unfortunately went to Alabama. I know, it hurt me to write about Alabama in a positive light just now, but I really enjoyed their unique incentive program.

Alabama teamed up with the Talladega Speedway to host a massive vaccine event where if you got your shot, you got to drive your car around Talladega. I just got a great kick out of that, and it was my favorite unique incentive yet.

Then, Louisiana upped the stakes, big time. See, Louisiana knows what Louisianians like.... Money, baby. Cold hard cash, and a lot of it.

Louisiana's incentive program is simple yet effective, as anyone who has been fully-vaccinated can enter into a $1 Million lottery. The site went live on Monday of this week, and quickly received over 160,000 entries since the site's launch. That's nearly 200,000 fully-vaccinated Louisianians hoping to get another shot, a shot at life-changing money.

You can register now if you're fully-vaccinated, and you do not have to provide your vaccine card. However, if you are selected as a winner, they will verify your vaccination record in order to receive your prize.

There are 13 other prizes (besides the big one) that will be awarded weekly including cash prizes and scholarships.

You can get all of the information HERE, or call 877-356-1511.



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