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As the virtual hard freeze put in place on our society because of the Coronavirus pandemic starts to thaw, more and more businesses are cautiously opening their doors and welcoming customers back in.  It's almost like watching the plants and animals become more active in the spring after a long winter slumber. Finally, we can go to gyms, salons, and even the skating rinks again!

That last part was no mistake, KSLA is reporting that after almost 3 long months of little to no activity (save for extra-thorough cleaning) the Hot Wheels of Wonder Skating Rink in Shreveport is once again officially open!

That being said, employees and management at the skating rink are focusing on keeping their customers safe.  Employees will be wearing gloves and masks, Plexiglas sneeze guards have been installed where applicable, and hand sanitizer stations pepper the entire building.

As far as theme nights and parties department goes, everything seems to be full steam ahead.  The rink is hosting adult-only nights with a DJ, $7 Saturdays and more!  Before you roll on out, check out their Facebook page to see what you are skating into.  Also, if you see a moderately attractive struggling to skate and clinging to the walls for dear life, come and tell hi!  If you help me get of off the floor safely, it would be much appreciated.

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